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I don’t know about you, but when the holidays hit, I am inundated with mass amounts of party invites. Some days there are even two or three parties to attend, so my get ready time is limited. Since my husband and I are social butterflies and generally can’t turn down a good time, I have my on the fly holiday beauty routine down to a science and can get it done in about 6 minutes.

holiday beauty look for busy women

It’s time to #takeanewlook at how you get ready for your holiday party fast and still look awesome. When I think of a quick holiday beauty look, I am thinking glowing skin with awesome hair and makeup. Getting holiday party ready doesn’t have to require a lot so long as you do the right time-saving things. Plus, Albertson’s one-stop-shop beauty isle has everything you need to Take a New Look home with you without having to run to the mall.

With that said, check out my 6 minute holiday beauty routine that was created for the busy women who don’t have ten extra minutes to look put together.

beauty look for busy women


1)   Reset Your Skin: When I apply my makeup, I like to start it out with a clean slate. However, when I am in a rush and chasing hours, the whole getting my face wet situation seems a little daunting. So, I prefer to use cleansing wipes because I not only avoid the water, but it’s a quick and easy way to reset my skin. Simple Oil balancing cleansing wipes are a great option for quickly cleansing your skin and getting holiday ready in 5 minutes. Plus, it’s perfect for all skin types, even those of you with sensitive skin.

2)   Lotion Up: One of the best tricks for looking party ready fast is to lotion up. Why? Because ashy and dry skin never looks good, especially when paired with a dress and heels. There is nothing like glowing skin all over your body, and the Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair is clinically proven to do just that by healing dry skin.

3)   Hair Pump: One of the quickest ways to transform your hair quick is to tease and spray. When I only have 5 minutes to get ready for a holiday party, doing hair curls or an updo is pretty much out of the question. So, I quickly tease the top of my hair with a comb or hair-teasing tool and then set it with hair spray. For a good hold that doesn’t look crunchy, check out the TRESemme Perfectly UnDone Hair Spray. I have been obsessed with it for several months now.

4)   Even Skin Tone: If I only have minutes to get my skin tone looking fabulous, I stick to just using concealer. Usually, it’s my under eyes and t-zone that need some extra love, so I start there and then spot fix blemishes. This is probably the quickest beauty hack to even out your skin tone in mere moments because concealers are opaque and hide flaws easily.

5)   Color Splash: To quickly add color to your face without spending extra time, get monochromatic with lipstick. Just apply the same lipstick color to your cheeks as your lips. I would recommend staying away from nudes since that won’t exactly show up on your cheeks. So instead, trying using a red, berry, or fuschia color lipstick to liven up your skin tone and to make you look like you actually spent time getting ready for said party.

6)   Eye Definition: Since this is a quick holiday beauty routine, whatever is done to your eyes needs to be fast and impacting. So, I would suggest skipping the eyeshadow and focusing solely on your brows and eyelashes. Just grab a brow powder and frame your eyes with high-impact eyebrows. Then curl your eyelashes and apply two to three coats of your favorite mascara.

simple holiday 2015 beauty look


easy holiday beauty look 1


Take your looks to the next level this holiday season and head over to Albertsons where you can find everything you need to look fabulous fast. Also, make sure to enter the holiday beauty gift pack and gift card SWEEPSTAKES! Entry for this giveaway is easy as just two easy steps. Head over here to discover which Unilever beauty product is best for your skin type this holiday season. Next fill out this simple form to be entered for the chance to win! Head over to the #TakeANewLook Sweepstakes and take the #TakeANewLook quiz today!

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Have a great day everyone!


Xo, Kendra

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