AMAZON CHLOE Handbag Knockoffs Under $100

If you’re into CHLOE handbags but can’t afford the price like me, you are going to love these amazing Amazon knockoffs that are a fraction of the price. No, they don’t have the iconic luxury label tagged on the front with a serial number inside for authentic designer bag verification. But, if you don’t care and are looking for a budget friendly Nile Bracelet Bag or Mini Drew look alike, then you need to check these nearly identical Amazon Chloe Handbag dupes.

Chloe Handbag dupes all under $100

I personally do not have $15oo-$2000 lying around for a purse (I got 3 kids to feed). In fact,  you could essentially get all five of these handbag knockoffs for a third of the price of one real CHLOE. Actually, your cost for all 5 bags would be $359.95. Isn’t that crazy? All of these are so close to the original design and most of them are even real genuine leather. Even better, these designer purse look-a-likes are all on Amazon Prime and under $100.

CHLOE Handbag Knockoffs that are all under $100


  1. Mini Drew Shoulder Bag $1650//  Mini Drew Shoulder Bag Knockoff  is $59.99
  2. Fay Chloe Shoulder Bag $1950// Fay Shoulder Bag Knockoff is $84.99
  3. Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag $1695// NILE Bracelet Bag Knockoff is $99.99. You can also check out my review of the Chloe Nile Bracelet handbag knockoff along with a few others I have found.
  4. Chloe Small Hudson Bag knockoff $2050// Small Hudson Bag Knockoff is $29.99
  5. Chloe Small Pixie Bag knockoff $1490//  Small Pixie Bag Knockoff is $84.99


Out of all five of these dupes, I am loving the Fay shoulder bag the most. I feel like it’s edgy and definitely more my style than the super popular Mini Drew or Hudson Bag. I also really like the Nile Bracelet bag along with every other style blogger out there. With that said, I would take any of them.

So, which CHLOE handbag knockoff are you getting from AMAZON? Stay tuned for style updates using these pretty purses.




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  • Erin

    Lovely blog post!

  • Charrise

    I’m definitely buying the Chloe bag! But just like you said I don’t have $1500-$2000 to spend on a bag. Love that the dupes are genuine leather great post.

    • haha…yeah me either girl! No extra cash flow like that.

  • Chelsea Shingleton

    Love seeing the comparison. Great post!