Blue Lipstick-Could This Be A Trend?

Photo link here


While walking the streets of Portland, I noticed a girl decked out in the cutest trendy ensemble wearing a midnight blue lipstick. This of course caused me to do that peripheral view thing that no one is good at being discreet about, men are especially bad at this. Then, the next day, in perfect timing, I saw that Lime Crime had a blue lipstick called, “No She Didn’t” in their collection.┬á While feeling a bit out the loop on the latest “makeup trend,” Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (of course) launches their Pretty Boy Lip Tar collection which also has a blue shade called “Butch.” Okay- something is going on here…blue must be the latest rage.

But you know something has a potential for being a serious trend when you see it on the runway. One of my favorite designers from the spring 2012 Mercedez-Benz Fashion week was Richard Chai, who had a few of his models rocking beautiful, blue lips. I am not exactly sure if I would be confident enough to wear this trend. It kind of reminds me of what someone would look like if they were drowning in the ocean, experiencing hypothermia, or was having difficulty breathing. So what do you think, is this the latest trend, or the latest fail? I would love your feedback…



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  • Mandy

    Hmmm… gotta agree it looks a little freakish!! I much prefer a subtle, not so bright look!

    • Anonymous

      yeah- you don’t strike me as a blue lipstick kind of person.

  • Tera

    I think it’s fun to see it on the runway, but I’d prob do a non discret double take if I see it….though I do live in Portland, so I would not be that weird. Remember the blue lipstick in the early 90’s the junior high girls wore??

    • Anonymous

      ha- kind of I think. I should look up a photo. I think I will actually.

  • Amy

    I don’t like it- the first girl looks dead.

  • hmmm, blue lipstick, i guess it’s good to try something a little different once in a while,
    I would do this, with perhaps I really knock’em dead blue and silver dress club’n! those are my thoughts ­čśë

    • well – I am thinking, although it could perhaps be a future trend, I may not want it on my lips! I would think you were brave if you gave this a go! thanks for the comment!

  • Starlesseyes_mcr

    I love it. I just bought myself a blue from Ka’Oir online called dior doll. It is perfect with a nude shimmery eye and a little black dress for going out for drinks. I also like to find a matching clutch or pair of heels in complimentary blues as well or wear turquiose jewelry…keeping it simple but still really really fun. Confidence is sexy, even if you look a little ‘different’ lol