Staying Connected with Walmart Family Mobile

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There is something about back-to-school season that still freaks me out a bit. It’s been 13 years since high school (ouch) and I still have nightmares about waking up late and missing class or missing the bus. But these were the days (the 1900’s) before everyone and their mom had a cell phone with unlimited talk/text and data web. There was no last minute cell phone calls to friends to beg for a ride; it was more like encrypted messages from a pager and by the time they figured it out, they were already in second period.

And I wasn’t cool enough to own a pager… so… dang it.

How to stay in touch one busy day at a time via @citizenofbeauty

Since high school, life hasn’t slowed down much for me at all. Between mine and my husband’s schedule, being a wife, mom, beauty blogger, makeup artist, author and like one hundred other titles (chef, house cleaner, etc.), life can get a little ca-razy. It’s absolutely necessary to be in communication so nothing gets missed with our two girls or who’s coming over for dinner, and blocking out time to do things like… write this post.

Staying connected with the Alcatel One Touch Evolve

Review of Alcatel One Touch Evolve

 Fortunately for us, we live in 2014 and having a cell phone is a basic form of life, making communication for back-to-school season a whole lot easier. With that said, this basic form of life can get a bit expensive… but it doesn’t have to be.  As a member of the #collectivebias group, I got to try out a new cell phone that is low in cost and is actually saving me money by using the Walmart Family Plan.

How to stay #connected with #alcatel one touch Evolve

Alcatel One Touch Evolve and the Walmart Family plan

 If you are looking for #phones4school or a way to stay in touch with your husband, young adult, teen, or toddler (yes, some toddlers have cell phones) for back-to-school with all its psycho-crazyiness, without the price tag attached, check out the Alcatel One Touch Revolve with Walmart Family Mobile. Currently the Alcatel One Touch Evolve is on Rollback at Walmart for $29.88 (usually $79.88). Plus, between August 18th and October 31st, you can get unlimited talk and text for $34.88/month for your first line!

walmart mobile

 Review of the Alcatel One Touch Evolve

Lets make this back-to-school season easier on all of our schedules and our pocket books- make sure to check out the lowest priced unlimited plans and the Alcatel One Touch Evolve at Walmart!


Walmart Family Mobile is now on Twitter! Follow their handle: @familymobile


Have a great day!




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  • Trellie

    Great read! Our company works to keep you connected to those who matter the most in your life. With our device (which clips to the outside of your handbag) you will never miss a call again from loved ones. Check us out! –> #BeConnected

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    What a deal!

  • The unlimited plan is much less than what I’m currently paying for my wireless services.

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  • Aleya Bamdad

    Great deal. I don’t know what I did before my smartphone.

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  • What a great deal! Too bad I’m stuck at Tmobile

  • Ange

    Your little one is adorable!!!

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    My smart phone is an extension of me, I swear! Loving the peeks at the book, too 🙂

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    Did I sneak a peak of your new book? I am so excited to get my hands on it!!

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    Great deal!

  • Only 13? 20 years ago I started my senior year of high school 🙂

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    There is just too much cuteness in this post. Your little one is adorable!

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    Thats a really good deal!

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    It’s such an amazing deal !

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    Look at you gorgeous mama! Your mini-me is so cute

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    Great post! I really don’t know what I’d do without my smartphone these days.

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  • Great deal!! Your little one is adorable!

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    Sounds like a great way to multitask and not have to worry about a huge bill every month! #client