Traveling Honolulu: The Modern Hotel

Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I traveled to Honolulu and spent a few days at The Modern Hotel. I had heard lots of good things about The Modern in Honolulu, and to my surprise, my husband booked a hotel room for a couple of nights for our nine year anniversary. He knew I had been checking out blogger reviews of The Modern Hotel, so I was so excited when he told me we were going! This hotel caught my attention for so many reasons: the epic vibe, the trendy atmosphere, the ocean views.

When I go to a hotel, the room is what sells is for me. In fact, even if the hotel itself is fantastic, but the rooms are dull and blah, I won’t be very impressed. Sleeping environments for a hotel is incredibly important for me when I travel. So, when I checked out this hotel, as you can see below, the modern vibes made me want to stay forever…initially.

Traveling Honolulu The Modern Hotel

Traveling Honolulu The Modern Hotel
When I walked into the room at The Modern Hotel in Honolulu, I was impressed. Relaxing didn’t even describe the peace I felt when I walked in. The room was bright, cheery, modern, trendy, cool, and the view was beautiful. I felt like I could fall asleep…but the pool was calling my name, and that is second on my list of importance for a hotel.


Traveling Honolulu The Modern Hotel 6



traveling honolulu the modern


Traveling Honolulu The Modern Hotel 2

Isn’t this corner nook so cute? They even brought us champagne to celebrate our anniversary. It’s those little thing’s that make you feel spoiled. I loved getting to sit here, read a book, and then fall asleep. It was lovely.


Traveling Honolulu The Modern Hotel 3

And this view from my room at The Modern Hotel in Honolulu is just stunning. I loved getting to sit out on the deck with Ezra and just breathe away from our kids. This kid free vacation was everything we needed.


traveling honolulu the modern hotel reviewFloppy Straw Hat//Swimsuit//Glasses 

Traveling Honolulu the modern hotel 5

Now if this isn’t relaxation, I don’t know what is. I wish I could have taken the time to do a bunch of outfit posts for you to gawk at while I enjoyed The Modern Hotel. I did think about it. And, I almost did it. But I was caught up in relaxing and chilling and couldn’t pull myself away from this pool long enough to change out of my swimsuit into something fancy and snap a bunch of pictures. It wasn’t going to happen.

With that said, the swimsuit above and the dress I am wearing below from TOPSHOP were my two most worn things during my trip to Honolulu. I brought lots of other cute clothing items, but that off the shoulder dress was comfy, cute, and also came with a bit of sass. I am someone who is a repeat offender with my clothes. I also have zero shame about it.

toyshop dress worn at The Modern Hotel in Honolulu


The Modern Hotel 12

So here are a few of my favorite things about The Modern Hotel in Honolulu and a few of my not so favorite things about it.


Favorites about The Modern Hotel in Honolulu

  1. The hotel rooms are magical.
  2. Two swimming pools are beautiful and inviting.
  3. I love the ocean views.

Least Favorites about The Modern Hotel in Honolulu

  1. Night Time. This will be a little long, so hold on tight.  I am a mom of three, I am a wife, a blogger that mostly blogs beauty because I am also a makeup artist. I am tired, and honestly, this vacation meant the world to me. To get away, no kids, second honeymoon status, and chill. I was really, really, really needing some relaxation at The Modern Hotel. Everything started out well until about 10 pm when I was tired and needed to sleep, and two parties were going on in rooms next me. One was right next door. The other was a party accross the hallway. This made our night loud and super annoying.
  2. Don’t come on the weekends unless you are in your 20’s, don’t like sleep, and are coming to party and not relax. Nuff said.



In the end, during the day, I had a great and relaxing time at The Modern Hotel in Honolulu. If we come again, it will be during the week or we will just ask to be located where there are no bachelor parties and party girls next door that are rather loud. Other than that, my husband and I had a great time at The Modern.

Have you traveled to Honolulu before?



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