The Real You-Beauty Outside the Box



The Real You- Beauty Outside the Box

Guest Blogging By: Dr. Michelle Watson (thank you, you are amazing!)


I was watching a segment of the Today Show awhile ago and saw this size 12/14 super model being interviewed who was bearing it all in that months issue of Glamour magazine. They showed a picture of her sitting sideways in a tasteful way with her stomach rolls completely exposed. I could not believe how brave this girl was!

I immediately connected with the picture they showed of her in the magazine because not only was it real but it was reflective of more women than not who look exactly like her.

I remember Jamie Curtis a few years ago in More magazine showing similar curves and bumps in an authentic way. Even back then there was a ton of buzz over the fact that she was showing her less-than-perfect body in a public forum. It’s still rare to see pictures like these in magazines but at least some women are seeking to expose the real truth about their real bodies in a real way.

I did end up going to the store and buying the issue of the Glamour magazine with the curvy size 12/14 model in it just to see the picture for myself. The title of the article around the picture said it best: “What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body.” It even had a section in the article titled, “It’s Settled! ‘Fat Days’ Are All In Your Head.”

I do actually like the ideas that these titles convey but I wonder if it’s ever quite as easy as they say it is to remember that we all have a distorted perception of our bodies that is different from what others see. We all tend to believe what we see in the mirror and assume that everyone else is seeing our flaws too.

I also think they’re right in the sense that the things we remember most about someone is not her bumps and curves, but instead we remember:

Her smile
Her laugh
Her eyes
Her compassion
Her kindness
Her listening ear

Remember today that what you bring to the table when you interface with the world is a less-than-perfect body (hallelujah that we’re all in the same boat on that one!) but underneath all that imperfection is a real, authentic heart that can love and give and care and serve and feel. That is what people remember about you so that’s the place to focus on. The more you put your energy into the internal you and your core self, the less time there is to obsess on various imperfections externally.

Have fun today smiling and laughing and being your authentic, real self!

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