Tips for Potty Training Little Boys (Super Fun Times)

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Let me be honest with you, potty training my son has been much harder than my daughters. I don’t know if it’s a boy thing or just that he has a wild personality, but the truth is, he peed on my living room floor last week “just because he wanted to” and he is three and a half years old! My daughters were fully potty trained by 2 and a half. My goal was to have him completely out of pull-ups by 3. Some goals you just have to let go of and be patient, because each kid truly is different. Today I am partnering with Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes from HEB to give you 5 potty training tips for little boys and what has worked and what hasn’t.

tips and tricks for potty training little boys

Here’s the thing, my son is determined and focused in most everything else besides potty training; in fact, he is a phenomenal golfer and has been able to shoot hoops since being in the womb, but potty training… help me, Lord. Here are a few potty training tips and tricks that have worked so far on this journey to getting the boy diaper free.

Potty training tips and tricks from a boy mom by lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton


1. I bribe: Oh yes, sister, I am all for the bribing tactics for potty training. We give him a jelly bean every time he goes in his little toilet. Works wonders and I’m sure the phycology behind it isn’t fantastic…but hey, he’s into it and I’m into it…so we are doing it. Aight?

2. No Shame: Biggest thing is that I don’t ever make him feel bad if he does not make it to the toilet. Duh. I feel like this is a no brainer. I am all about positive reinforcement.


potty training boys tips and tricks with lifestyle blogger Kendra Stanton

3. Naked Day: Okay, we did two naked days and stuck him on the potty about every 20 minutes. You have to block two entire day’s of your life to do this. It’s annoying. But this gave us our biggest push in getting him mostly potty trained. I highly recommend letting them learn to wipe and the whole bit. You can leave wipes like the Nice ‘n CLEAN Sensitive Skin Wipes from HEB right by their little toilet and they can try and do it themselves. You guy’s know I’m a freak about ingredients. I love that these wipes are 100% plant-based with 99% purified water, 99% naturally derived ingredients with no alcohol, dyes, parabens, phthalates, or chlorine!

Side note, I keep these wipes in my purse and in my car and in about a million different areas of my house in-case of accidentals. They smell amazing, are soft…and frankly, they get the job done. Also, they are available in scented and unscented varieties and come in a ton of packaging options (single, triple pack, and box).

4. First thing in the Store: My biggest deal in potty training is the first time you take them to the store WITHOUT a diaper on and in actual little boy undies. I always take him to the bathroom first thing no matter what. Even if he says he doesn’t have to go, sister, we are going; because I’ve had moments with all of my kids where they peed in the actual shopping cart and I wanted to die! Well, slight exaggeration. But, seriously, no one wants to be responsible for their kid’s pee all over the floor of a store. (Again, Nice ‘n CLEAN Sensitive Skin Wipes for the win when accidents happen.)

5. Grace on Grace: I think that potty training boys is way harder than girls, even if some people think the opposite. To each their own. But here is the good news..give yourself some grace. Your child WILL LEARN to use the restroom by him or herself eventually. So, be patient. And, while you’re at HEB picking up your next round of Nice ‘n CLEAN baby wipes, grab some wine and chocolate for yourself too. You’ve got this.

nice n' clean baby wipes at HEB giving potty training tips and tricks for boys.



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