6 Tips to Motivate Your Fitness Goals for 2016

Two weeks into the New Year and you are already seriously contemplating if you set your fitness goals for 2016 sights too high. In reality, though, your fitness goals are probably very attainable, you just need have a game plan to motivate you to make it happen. So, don’t be discouraged yet, or ever, by setting goals and working hard, you can take control, and take your workout and fitness game to another level. Here are 6 tip’s for you to be successful in your fitness goals for 2016.


how to stay motivated to workout and be healthy in 2016

  1. Write It: Get a fitness journal and write down your goals for the year. Don’t be passive about it; you need to get down to the specifics. Do you want to make it to the gym three times per week? Write it down. Want to have Michelle Obamas arms? WRITE IT DOWN! Want to stick to a healthy eating regimen? Write it down. With that said, while I am all for making great fitness goals for 2016, they need to be attainable for you and your lifestyle. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t go big making your fitness goals (get that six pack girl), you should, but make sure your goals and plans are concrete so you can look back on your fitness journal and celebrate your victories.
  2. Find Your Why: We all need a “why” to keep going with anything we do. So ask yourself, why is it important to you to get healthy? Maybe it’s because you are tired of feeling unhealthy, sluggish, and essentially not like yourself anymore. Maybe your “why” is because you want to feel confident while you rock that dress at an upcoming event. Or, is it that you would like your kids to be inspired to live a healthy life by your inspiration? Whatever your “why”, write it down in your journal.
  3. Post It Up: If you found your “why,” post it up. Seriously, write it down and post it up everywhere so that you have your reason right in front of you. For instance, if your struggle is in the kitchen, post up your “why” on the fridge. If you know you will be discouraged as you look in the mirror and feel like what’s the point, post it right smack in the middle of the mirror to get your head out of the gutter and back on track. Or, if you know you will make excuses not to get to the gym because of almost anything and everything, put a note on your front door, on your car dashboard, and at your cubicle at work. Just post that thing ev-er-y-where.
  4. Have a plan: You’ve got your goals, your “why”, and sticky notes everywhere in your house (and mostly anywhere else in the world you go to on the regular). Now we need to talk about your plan to attain these goals so that you set yourself up to succeed. As a fitness instructor, I know that having a plan in place is essential. But as a busy mom of 4, I also know that life can get chaotic, and schedules fill up fast, thus, the reason a plan is essential. Apart from joining a gym, mapping out a realistic plan that you will stick to based off of your goals is an essential. For instance, write out exactly what exercise routine or fitness classes you will be doing at the gym, so you have a game plan. Also, make a meal plan for the week and don’t budge. You need to be mentally prepared and ready to make sacrifices to stick to that plan.
  5. Accountability: One of the best way’s to stay motivated with your goals is to workout with a friend. Trust me, you will be far more inclined to get to the gym and not bail if you know that your buddy is going to be waiting for you at 6 am. So, find someone that won’t let you give them the lame excuse that you are tired (welcome to life) and who pushes you to make your goals happen. Essentially, be in good company with others who share your vision for a better fitness year.
  6. Be confident: Part of attaining your fitness goals is to have a mind shift and be confident in what you are doing. You can do this! Decide right now that nothing will stand in your way and stick to the plan you made to conquer it. Keep referring to your goals, sticky notes, and plan so that if and when you feel that confidence starts to waver, you have something to give you a quick and swift kick in the booty to get back on track. And- while I 100% believe that you got this, only you can make 2016 be your year for fitness success. With that said, you got this (inserting high-five and thumbs up here).


Written by fitness expert Tera Keels

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