Top Wearable Fashion Trends: Spring 2012

I love how grey everything is here in Oregon during the winter, it really doesn’t bother me. All I want to do is get cozy in a fluffy blanket and drink a cup of chai with my book, but I know that other people can’t stand it! Although, the fake sunny weather we’ve been having in the Portland area this month has been making even me long for spring, or at least spring colors. So, I thought I would take this post and talk about my favorite fashion trends for Spring 2012.



Colored Denim: Colored denim IS all the rage right now and I am on a wild hunt to find the perfect pair that won’t compromise age-appropriate clothing and trendiness. Remember the basic rules of shopping for pants here though: persistence is everything to finding the perfect fit for your body-type and when in doubt: rock it till you love it! Above are a few of my top picks in great versatile shades. But let’s just be honest, whether you are fashionista or new to the game, colored denim is bold in any shade you choose.

Ultra-Violet Pastels: I love pastel shades, so when I saw these ultraviolet shades rolling around on the runways for this spring, I couldn’t help but get excited. Pastels look great on anyone, yes ANYONE, with any coloring and any style. Find a piece that works for you, whether it be a great a muted coral top or a striking dress.

Bold Color-Blocking: I love color-blocking because it IS NOT the same as striped material and I have a fear of stripes. The vivd mash-ups of color we see this spring in color-blocked tops and dresses ring true to the 70s inspired fashion I keep jabbering on about. When looking for a color-blocked piece, make sure you incorporate one that doesn’t have break you up at your widest points. Choose diagonals if you want to seem slimmer.








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  • Love it!! I rocked my orange skinnies the other day on the blog. I wore em to church Sunday and got lots of stares. hahah 🙂 I agree about the pastels too! they look great on all skin tones! 

    • You sound just like my older sisters! They walk around the mall with me, jaws on the floor, saying, “If only I had saved all my old clothes!” I know the colored denim is very 80s but you could latch onto all the other trends right now with the 70s inspired stuff, except please don’t wear giant bell-bottoms, they are scary!

      • HA! The truth is I guess can’t say I was an 80’s child.. I was an 80’s baby, more of a 90’s child. I have seen those giant bell-bottoms. I LOVED Heidi Klum in them.. Probably not something I could pull of without about another 4-8 inches added to my stature. I think I could do the 3rd color of those pants. I gave into the whole legging trend when I swore I wouldn’t… but their so comfortable! Thanks for keeping me on style track!

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