Travel Friendly Online Math Activity for Kids That’s Actually Fun

If you travel a lot during the summer, and even if you don’t, but you want your kids to not be bored out of their actual minds while staying up on their math skills and education, you need to check out Revolution Math. Fun fact, this year my oldest daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia after years of living on the struggle bus for good school grades and now she is on the A/B honor roll. I’m super proud of that girl. With that said, warmer months are coming, and a three-month long school break too where we tend to travel a ton. Since she absolutely needs on-going education, we found a travel-friendly and fun online math activity option. Over the past few months, Zariah has been trying out a new at-home math program that is fun and interactive called Revolution Math, and she likes it so much that we’re going to keep it going for the summer. Yay!

Get this travel friendly math activity for your kids to do over the summer. Perfect for kids in grades 2nd through 5th.

Revolution Math for Travel-Friendly Online Summer School for Kids + 4 Weeks FREE and a Learning Kit!

Before I go on though, here is your free 4-week trial with Revolution Math that also includes the learning kit with my code BEAUTY19. Trust me, you will be sold and your kids won’t even hate you for having them do math over the summer because Revolution Math makes it fun. Also, after you see how much your kid loves this online math activity, you can sign up for only $99 a month (usually $149). It’s a total win and maybe you can sip some coffee for an hour and not even feel guilty that they are sitting in front of a screen while you enjoy a moment to yourself. I mean…I don’t ever feel guilty. Ok, maybe I do sometimes. Anyways.

My daughter looks forward to taking her Revolution Math class and I love that. Since school has been so hard, it feels good to see her happy and laughing while she is learning at the same time. Any parent wants that for their kid.

Get this online math activty for kids to do over the summer wtith beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

What Exactly is Revolution Math + How Does it Work?

Revolution Math is an interactive story-based curriculum designed to help 2nd-5th graders develop their math skills. It utilizes the app ZOOM to allow for a live, interactive learning experience with a small sized group of students in a way that makes learning fun and builds their confidence at the same time. Because the students can see the teacher and the other participating students, it gives the feel of a real-live class.

How does it work?

Revolution Math is a weekly, 60-minute interactive online math activity for kids that makes learning fun. There is one instructor who is the same every time, which I love as a mom. Plus, there are no more than 4 kids in each class so each child gets focused attention. Each class session, the kids go on a journey with their classmates (same kids most of the time), and so it’s a lot of teamwork. It helps bring comradery to the kids and helps build their confidence as a team.

The next day after their sessions, you get an online progress report from the instructor and you can also check their progress online with weekly video updates from the trained teachers.

About the Revolution Math Instructors

All of the teachers that are hired to do the online math training for grades 2nd-5th on Revolution Math are full-time educators and only 1% of teacher applications are approved. They go to weekly teacher meetings, get session reviews and feedback, coaching from an instructional manager and more. You can actually go on to the website and learn all about some of the teachers and email to find out about the one that your kid is learning under. As a mom, knowing who my kid is interacting with, especially online, is a huge deal.

Zariah’s teacher was kind, patient, interactive, and made the class really fun, which made her actually excited to be apart of the class the following session. As a parent, especially of a child with dyslexia, knowing that she is having fun, wanting to learn, and not getting frustrated is important.

Check out this online math activity for kids in greades 2nd through 5th that will help them stay entertained and learn math too.

Here are the Revolution Math Essentials to Know

• Convenient, Online Class
• Same Teacher Each Week
• Small Class Size
• Story-Based Curriculum
• Engaging Math Games
• Common Core Aligned
• Low Monthly Price
• Free 4 Week Trial

Price and Cost for Revolution Math

Check out this travel friendly online math game that even has a real instructor. Let your kids learn math in a fun way with this fun and interactive math activity.

It’s not bad! After your four-week trial, you pay $99 per month, which comes out to be $24,75 per session!  Not bad in my opinion as the regular price is $149.99 per month. By using the code BEAUTY19, you can get 33% off of your monthly Revolution Math sessions for your kids.

Summer Time and School Time

We already have a planned three-week vacation this summer, so, I already know we will be using Revolution Math to keep Zariah up to speed on her mathematics. For us, our lives are constantly on-the-go, and so any summer educational program that is flexible and requires nothing but the internet is a major win for us. Plus, as I said, my daughter loves it too.

Check out their website for more information and don’t forget to use the code BEAUTY19 to get your 4-week free trial.


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