Try On Haul: 90’s Clothing Style at Target

Target has some strong 90’s fashion vibes right now in their clothing department and so I went and did a try on haul because, well, I’m a girl of the 1990’s era. Trying on these clothes gave me all the feels and a major flash back to my highschool days and honestly, I’m pumped to rock this current trend. Here is my full 90’s clothing style try on session from Target. I feel like I’m stepping 100% back into time with this post!

90's style at Target with style blogger Kendra Stanton

Picture quality in this post is not going to be great my friends. But these yellow plaid pants are killing me! I love this entire outfit so much. Yes, these plaid pants came home with me. Everything is TTS. I am wearing a size 2 pant, xs shirt, and xs faux leather jacket (jacket is only $35 by the way).


90's dress and hat at Target style try on haul with style blogger kendra stanton

Girl, you know this dress was a major win and the hat and shoes slay the 90’s style vibes in this try on haul so hard core. I had these EXACT same pair of shoes in highschool and now I regret tossing them. Wearing a size 6 shoe (TTS), size small dress, and hat is one size and only $12.99!


90's style try on haul at Target with style blogger Kendra Stanton

I am a petite and short human (5’1-ish) so this jacket looks a little large on me because it is. It’s AMAZING though and totally 90’s fashion without a doubt. It’s very comfy and has a sweatshirt/blazer thing going on. I am wearing a size small and the arms a little long on me so I rolled them up. Could totally rock this look with my 90’s grunge makeup  and call my life good. My shoes are comfy and I found them on sale for only $6 in the store but on-line they are $22. Pants are a size 2 and a little long on me because, again, short girl problems. Yellow shirt is the best and 100% Pink Floyd.


90's style sweater at Target

This long sweatshirt is only $25 and so dang cozy. I am wearing a size small and it runs TTS. Paired it with some black destroyed denim pants and my flat black shoes.


90's style shirt and pants at Target for a try on haul with style blogger Kendra StantonYou can’t do the 90’s clothing style without a cropped shirt and mid-rise pants. Love this look, though, the shirt plunges down deep. If you don’t mind your cleavage showing, go for it girl.


savage shirt at Target for 90's style try on haul

Everyone needs this Savage shirt! It’s the coolest of all time and looks killer with these faux leather leggings and 90’s vibe sandals. Wearing a size small in pants and shirt and again, shoes are a size 6.


90's try on haul at Target fashion

I am not feeling this dress so much because it’s so long on me. But the shoes are amazing and a really good price. Rock and roll 90’s vibes for this Target Try on Haul.

target style 90's fashion try on haul

I think I had this exact outfit in highschool when I rocked the 90’s clothing style trend hard core. Everything here is comfy, though, with fall coming I would rock it with a long cardigan.


90's fashion try on haul at Target

This outfit is a heck no for me and I look like I should be in a Mario Brothers Nintendo game. But, it’s defintely 90’s fashion and it looks terrible on me! It’s made for someone with a longer body. I am wearing a size 2 though for refrence though.

My favorite 90’s style from this Target try on haul are the first 6 outfits. I especially LOVE outfit number one and number two. What do you like?



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