Tweexy Nail Polish Holder for the Klutz

The Tweexy nail polish holder is the coolest new kid on the block for nail polish fanatics and every day folks who are prone to klutzy moments like nail polish spills (me). What is this new wearable nail polish holder/beauty gadget for nails you ask? It’s the weirdest and most genius ring pop looking accessory that holds your favorite polishes like Ciate London Nail Polish, and helps you avoid spilling your lacquer all over. You can check out these DIY Manicure tips if you want your nails to look even more prefessional. Because the tweexy so odd looking, but in fabulous colors like vibrant pink, blue, and teal, you and I need it, and so do all of our friends.

Check out the tweexy nail polish holder that keeps your favorite lacquer from spilling while you are painting your nails. You can see this review by beauty and style blogger, Kendra Stanton.

I don’t know why exactly, but I spill ev-er-y-thing. Essentially, if it could fall, spill, break–it will do so with me. Do I have slippery hands? Maybe. But mostly, I think it could be that my brain is in approximately 1,000 places at the same time, and I need for thing’s like the Tweexy nail polish holder to be in my life as a safeguard for if and when (definitely when) that polish starts to tip and drip. Do you feel me now?

Tweexy nail polish holder for nail polish fanatics is the best thing to help you avoid spilling your lacquer. Check out this review from beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

This new Tweexy nail polish holder tool is very simple. It slides on two fingers like a double ring and has slits at the top where you slide in the nail polish. Because the polish ring–Tweexy– is a sturdy silicone plastic, it grips the polish bottle like a boss, making it secure and out of the way from flinging hands that are overly excited about fabulous polish colors.

I especially like this little nail polish gadget for my 5-year old who has the same klutzy tendencies that I do and who also obsesses over nail polish. I can’t tell you how many nail polish spills we have had in the last little while, so, the Tweexy is a literal life-saver from additional unwanted color splashes around the house.

The Tweexy Nail Polish Holder help to keep your polish from pilling while you paint your nails. It's a klutz friendly nail tool and you should check it out.

Who is this bizarre looking beauty gadget for? Pretty much everyone who likes nail polish. I am thinking nail polish gurus, nail polish technicians, and nail polish future gurus. I also believe that it would make a great gift paired with a fun polish color, don’t you? I mean, who would wan’t a cute colored Tweexy Nail Polish Holder?

tweexy is the the coolest new wearable nail polish holder

If you were on my Facebook page a few weeks back, you might have already taken notice of the Tweexy Nail Polish Holder because I re-posted a post that Seventeen Magazine did about it. Guess what happened when I posted about this nail gadget? It got tons of likes and tons of shares…which tells me that I am not the only one that thinks this little nail tool is pretty awesome. So, get one before they sell out HERE because they sell out fast.

xo, Kendra

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