Van Der Hagen Mens Shave Set Valentines Day Gift Idea

Did you get through reading the title?…that was long. But seriously, V. day is coming up, which means a little love gift (if you are into valentines day) should be getting close to being on your mind. I always love doing something for my husband, and if you want to do something nice for him AND for you, the shave set from Van Der Hagen may just be what you are looking for. If you are not so much into scruff and like a good, clean shaved man, this set will do the trick to steer him in the right direction. Not only is this a super manly set that made my husband even giddy, but it looks like something that would/should be seen on the set of Mad Men. In fact, I know I have watched scenes where Don Draper is dipping his fancy shave brush into a bowl of shaving soap.

Let’s take a look at this rather cool set from Van Der Hagen that I received to review. On a side note, no I didn’t test it out myself, although truthfully, the blondies above my lip could probably use it (haha). My husband ecstatically took the reigns on trying and testing. So, thanks Ezra!


Van Der Hagen Shave Set
Van Der Hagen Shave Set1

I love the packaging that this set comes in, it’s bright, eye catching, and shows you exactly what’s going on in that box.  It comes with a 100% Pure Badger brush, classic Monogrammed apothecary mug, Hypo-Allergenic shave soap, and a combination brush and razor stand. But the best news of it all is that it retails for only $34.99! I can’t believe it either, this is a great and inexpensive gift!

Here is some additional information from the company:

van der Hagen Enterprises owes it’s renowned reputation as producers of the finest quality soaps to their use of the old fashioned kettle process. During this process, carefully selected ingredients are added to a heated kettle by a master compounder according to exacting temperatures. Once complete, the thin liquid is poured into molds, run through a cooling tunnel and hand packed. The result? A unique formula, which contains over 40% humectant moisturizers. In addition, the Deluxe Shave Soap contains Aloe Vera & Shea Butter and the Glycerin Shave Soap contains Vitamin E & Oat Extract.

The kettle process is more labor intensive and the finer ingredients more expensive but the results speak for themselves. Van der Hagen shave soaps not only provide for the closest shave, they are also hypo-allergenic and rinse more completely than typical soaps, leaving your face feeling soft and smooth.


Van Der Hagen Shave Set2

This was my husbands first time shaving with this type of soap, he usually uses some sort of cream. But according to him, this type of soap was better than he would have thought, he love the handle on the apothecary jar, and he felt like the soap was going to last him a really long time. He liked the badger brush, but did notice that a few of the hairs fell out. Since this is his first time shaving like this, we aren’t sure if this is a normal thing or not.

Van Der Hagen Shave Set3.5

But either way, we both agree that this brush is rather sexy looking. Never thought I would say that.

Van Der Hagen Shave Set4

Here is Ezra testing this bad boy out. Does he think it’s a good gift idea for V. Day? Why yes he does!

If you want to know for your husband or significant other on shaving with a kettle bowl..check the video above out.


What are you buying your man for Valentines Day?



note* this product was given to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own!


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