Waxing vs. Tweezing Your Eyebrows

I get asked the question a lot about waxing vs tweezing eyebrows. If you’ve read my waxing guidelines post you will find everything you need to know about brow waxing, but tweezing is just as important. In fact, I use both methods of removing hair when I am shaping eyebrows. Unfortunately though, not everyone can handle waxing, so that’s why it’s important to know who should wax and who should only tweeze out brow hair.

difference between waxing vs tweezing for brow shaping

Waxing vs Tweezing Brows and the Difference

learn the differenc between waxing vs tweezing with Austin, TX beauty blogger Kendra Stanton

Who Should Wax Brows: If you have sensitive skin that tends to burn and breakout easily, waxing your brows might not be the best thing for you. Pulling out hair by waxing can cause irritation to the hair folicle and the skin at the same which can cause breakouts and redness. If you want to wax your brows though, try using hard wax. Hard wax only adheirs to the hair folicles and leaves the skin alone.

The Brow Waxing Difference: When it comes to waxing vs tweezing, there is no comparison. If you can handle brow waxing, it is a much quicker method for pulling out a ton of hair at the same time. I highly recommend following my brow waxing instructions or going to a professional who can shape your brows really well. One thing that is a major risk you take when waxing your eyebrows is putting wax in the wrong place and accidentally pulling out too much hair. Don’t do that! Make sure to use my favorite brow waxing tip to avoid doing that.

learn the difference between waxing vs tweezing your brows and what's right for you

Who Should Tweeze Brows: If you have really sensitive skin that break outs easily, try tweezing instead of waxing. Either way you are pulling out hair which can cause irritation, but, some people have less of a reaction to tweezing brows.

The Brow Tweezing Difference: I always tweeze after I wax a brow. I like to leave a little bit of space between the brow line and where I place wax so that I can get the exact hairs out that I need to. It’s important to get really high-quality tweezers and a really good makeup light to see little fuzzies if you are going to only use tweezers to remove brow hair.

If you are wanting to know the difference between waxing vs tweezing, the honest answer is, waxing is much more efficient. Using tweezers as the only way of removing brow hair would take a very long time and would honestly be incredible annoying. But maybe that because I’m impatient.

You can read all of my waxing guidelines with tips and tricks for brow, upper lip and leg waxing here. Learn how to DIY all of you waxing treatments and what products you need.

waxing guidelines and everything you need to know



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