White Leg Fail-When You Need a Self Tanner Most

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If you didn’t already know, I live in Portland, Oregon. If you have never been to Portland, it is beautiful, it just happens to get more rain than the other lower 47 states, combined.  This will mean my skin will STILL be near translucent by the end of June.  Plus I am a skin care fanatic, which means I wear loads of SPF and sometimes fail to notice how sickly pale I can look. So here is my story/confession.

I will call this story “white leg fail.” It happened the other day at church while I was rocking a sassy pink and red dress from H&M.  I am not going to lie, I am a new mom so I kind of try to feel put together even if I am throwing back the “mommy pony”. I was feeling pretty good about my look that day when this dear 90 something old man walked by me and “whispered” to a friend how gross it was when girls wear  dresses and still have really white legs.  I don’t think he realized how loud he actually was talking.

I still thought, “oh he must be talking about someone else” until I looked around and realized I was the only female wearing a short(er) dress and the only other person in the hallway.  So thank you “90 year old man,” because of you, I have entered the self-tanner phase of my life. I guess I was so enamored by my pretty dress that I failed to notice how pale white my legs actually were.

After church I stopped by my local, lovely Target and picked up the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. It is a buildable tanner so I didn’t need to worry about instantly transforming to “oompa loompa” status.  I am new to self-tanners, but this stuff rocked. My legs are no longer blinding or translucent. On the flipside, I am not being mistaken for a walking construction cone either.

What self tanner’s do you like to use, select from the options above and tell us why you like it. If it is not above, share anyways…

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  • my legs look the same and i live in FL. i think im going to have to stop by the store as well. i wear leggings or funky tights to cover them usually with dresses lol its too hot for that now lol

  • hmmm.you didn’t show this one, but I like Mary Kay’s Subtle Tanner.  Very subtle but as it builds very natural looking.  Keeps me with color year round!  Nice Scent and doesn’t stain the hands.

  • Of all people who should NOT be talking about how “gross” legs are, it’s a 90 year old man. I thought you looked great! However, I feel you and have been considering a self tanner for a while (although I’m hoping continuous sun is coming soon!) Does this one have a smell? That’s been an issue with self-tanners. It’s hard to “bronze” evenly when you pass out from the fumes 😉

  • This story cracked me up but I think its truth for all us Oregonians:(   I actually feel funny telling people I’m ethinic because you would never know it by the color of my blinding skin..HA!!!
    By the way, you were Hot Suace in that dress!

  • Wow, gotta love the church stories!  Glad you liked the Jergens, it’s my favorite as well aside from Versa Spa.

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