Why I Got Botox in My 20’s and Now 30’s

Botox is a hot topic for any age…but especially when you are in your 20’s and 30’s. People either love it, are whatever about it, or think it’s from the devil. No one likes to talk about their Botox treatments (unless you are me…) because no one wants to admit if they take those extra measures to delete and diffuse those fine lines and wrinkles they have gathered over time.  But I am of the “love it” crowd of people and have been doing it off and on since I was 21 when I worked at a medical spa. So, I thought I would do a post on my Botox treatment, plus give you some before and after pics and talk about my experience and what to expect when and if you get Botox.

Side note: I realize that Botox is a controversial subject and some people think that getting Botox is a preverbal sin (based off of  previous comments from other Botox blog posts I have done). But I don’t see any difference in getting Botox, having my hair done, getting a mani, or having laser hair removal. They are all beauty treatments…some more expensive than others, but beauty treatments non the less. If you are concerned about Botox being a toxin, that is another story. If you want more information about the safety of Botox, the history (been around since the 50’s), and what else Botox is used for, got to Botoxmedical.com.

Where you should get Botox when you are in your 30's.


Whenever I tell people that I get Botox, their initial reaction is, ” you get Botox! Where? You are so young!” True…I am young-ish, but there are still areas of my face that would be in much worse shape had I not had Botox. So far, there is nothing out there that is a cream or serum that even comes close to diminishing and nearly taking away my fine lines and wrinkles. It had actually been 3 years (and 2 kids later) since I had my last Botox treatment, so I was seriously itching to get it done again because having kids has made these fine lines and wrinkles seriously come out hard core. With that said, it is best to get Botox done every 3 to 4 months, but for me, having a goal of every 6 months is more doable and realistic.

For me, the areas of my face that bother me the most (with fine lines and wrinkles) is my forehead. In my family, the area between the brows goes down hill really bad and I was definitely starting to see it happen to me. Because I was furrowing my brows so much for whatever reason, I started to build muscle above my brows which started to create a dent in low center of my forhead (so lovely). Since I take pictures nearly every day of my self for this blog, I was seriously starting to see that dent in every picture and I wanted it to be gone (just being honest).  Below you can see the areas in more detail that I wanted to get my Botox.



To help diminish these fines lines and wrinkles, I went to see Audrey, the owner of Aesthetic Advancements NW near Portland, OR. I have known Audrey for a very long time and she is not only one of the best injectors for Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, etc, but she injects like it’s an art form. That’s also the reason why she is asked to train other injectors, she is fabulous and I am so happy she was able to squeeze me in the day before I moved to Austin, TX (her office manager is awesome)!


what to expect when getting Botox


Per Audrey’s recommendation, I had 30 units put into my forehead. I had banked some bucks from sending referrals her way (another awesome perk of hers and an easy referral to give since she rocks), so I was able to get a discount. Botox can cost anywhere from around $10.00 per unit to $15.00 per unit depending on a lot of different factors; usually based on how many units you have done. Typically, the more units you have, the less the unit price will be.

My experience getting Botox was awesome. I was numbed for about 10 minutes prior to being injected and I can honestly say that I felt absolutely nothing. It was actually a very relaxing treatment in a spa like atmosphere. After Audrey was done injecting me with Botox, she added a little concealer over each injected spot, and I looked entirely as if I had nothing done. No one would ever know what I did that day…


Getting Botox in your 30's


So, basically I am very happy that I had my Botox treatment yet again. It was relaxing, I was in great care with Audrey, and I feel like my forehead looks amazing but not completely frozen. Botox lasts about 3 months and you can bet that I will be getting it done again when I come back to Portland in August for a visit.


What are your thoughts on Botox? Would you get it? Do you think it’s evil (kidding…kind of)? Are you curious.? Do you already get it done? OR…._________fill in the blank.



Note* This Botox treatment was given to me based off of my referrals from the Aesthetic Advancement referral program. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own. This post is not sponsored by Aesthetic Advancements or Audrey, and it was entirely at my own discretion to post about my treatment.

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