Why I Got Botox in My 20’s and Now 30’s

Botox is a hot topic for any age…but especially when you are in your 20’s and 30’s. People either love it, are whatever about it, or think it’s from the devil. No one likes to talk about their Botox treatments (unless you are me…) because no one wants to admit if they take those extra measures to delete and diffuse those fine lines and wrinkles they have gathered over time.  But I am of the “love it” crowd of people and have been doing it off and on since I was 21 when I worked at a medical spa. So, I thought I would do a post on my Botox treatment, plus give you some before and after pics and talk about my experience and what to expect when and if you get Botox.

Side note: I realize that Botox is a controversial subject and some people think that getting Botox is a preverbal sin (based off of  previous comments from other Botox blog posts I have done). But I don’t see any difference in getting Botox, having my hair done, getting a mani, or having laser hair removal. They are all beauty treatments…some more expensive than others, but beauty treatments non the less. If you are concerned about Botox being a toxin, that is another story. If you want more information about the safety of Botox, the history (been around since the 50’s), and what else Botox is used for, got to Botoxmedical.com.

Where you should get Botox when you are in your 30's.


Whenever I tell people that I get Botox, their initial reaction is, ” you get Botox! Where? You are so young!” True…I am young-ish, but there are still areas of my face that would be in much worse shape had I not had Botox. So far, there is nothing out there that is a cream or serum that even comes close to diminishing and nearly taking away my fine lines and wrinkles. It had actually been 3 years (and 2 kids later) since I had my last Botox treatment, so I was seriously itching to get it done again because having kids has made these fine lines and wrinkles seriously come out hard core. With that said, it is best to get Botox done every 3 to 4 months, but for me, having a goal of every 6 months is more doable and realistic.

For me, the areas of my face that bother me the most (with fine lines and wrinkles) is my forehead. In my family, the area between the brows goes down hill really bad and I was definitely starting to see it happen to me. Because I was furrowing my brows so much for whatever reason, I started to build muscle above my brows which started to create a dent in low center of my forhead (so lovely). Since I take pictures nearly every day of my self for this blog, I was seriously starting to see that dent in every picture and I wanted it to be gone (just being honest).  Below you can see the areas in more detail that I wanted to get my Botox.



To help diminish these fines lines and wrinkles, I went to see Audrey, the owner of Aesthetic Advancements NW near Portland, OR. I have known Audrey for a very long time and she is not only one of the best injectors for Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, etc, but she injects like it’s an art form. That’s also the reason why she is asked to train other injectors, she is fabulous and I am so happy she was able to squeeze me in the day before I moved to Austin, TX (her office manager is awesome)!


what to expect when getting Botox


Per Audrey’s recommendation, I had 30 units put into my forehead. I had banked some bucks from sending referrals her way (another awesome perk of hers and an easy referral to give since she rocks), so I was able to get a discount. Botox can cost anywhere from around $10.00 per unit to $15.00 per unit depending on a lot of different factors; usually based on how many units you have done. Typically, the more units you have, the less the unit price will be.

My experience getting Botox was awesome. I was numbed for about 10 minutes prior to being injected and I can honestly say that I felt absolutely nothing. It was actually a very relaxing treatment in a spa like atmosphere. After Audrey was done injecting me with Botox, she added a little concealer over each injected spot, and I looked entirely as if I had nothing done. No one would ever know what I did that day…


Getting Botox in your 30's


So, basically I am very happy that I had my Botox treatment yet again. It was relaxing, I was in great care with Audrey, and I feel like my forehead looks amazing but not completely frozen. Botox lasts about 3 months and you can bet that I will be getting it done again when I come back to Portland in August for a visit.


What are your thoughts on Botox? Would you get it? Do you think it’s evil (kidding…kind of)? Are you curious.? Do you already get it done? OR…._________fill in the blank.



Note* This Botox treatment was given to me based off of my referrals from the Aesthetic Advancement referral program. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own. This post is not sponsored by Aesthetic Advancements or Audrey, and it was entirely at my own discretion to post about my treatment.

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  • I’ve never done, never had much of an opinion, always leaned toward not wanting to get it done… until I found my first eye wrinkle/ squinting crease a few days ago. A very timely post! I don’t have money and won’t for a while but I blame myself for not moisturizing my face everyday! gah! Anywho, maybe one day I’ll dabble in it, jsut to see the difference 🙂

  • I’m 27 and have some pretty decent wrinkles on my face. I spent most of my life in the sun in Florida and California and never cared about sunscreen because I was young. I would like to get Botox but it’s way out of my price range.

    • It can be expensive for sure.But, if you do you research, you might be able to find a pretty good deal at a good place. I never did much sunscreen when I was younger either…now I am a sunscreen freak!!

  • How do you think this is going to influence your young girls by the time they’re your age? Do you really feel it’s okay to reflect your choices from your insecurities to tell them that “it’s okay to get botox by the time you’re 25, or 30”. I have more wrinkles than this and I’m 22 but I don’t see what the point is in feeling such a need to look younger.

    • I am not actually insecure at all. If I was, I certainly wouldn’t be posting about this! Do you get your hair done? It’s a beauty treatment. Anyways, if my girls decide they want to get that done at that age, they will be adults and can choose to do it. With that’s said, my job is in the beauty industry. It’s how I make a living. Should I not wear makeup? Shave my legs? We all do it for different reasons. I certainly adore my two girls though, they are my life. Thanks for your comment.

    • Meh..to each their own. We all do thing’s out of insecurities…although I wouldn’t be posting about this on here if I was insecure about it. This is a beauty blog after all. In my house…the beauty world is my job…certainly not the focus.

  • I love this post because I have the same center of my forehead wrinkles. I’m 23 and I have always said that I would wait to get botox so maybe it will be in my future sooner than I planned 🙂

  • Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. If I ever had anything done it would probably be Botox and I have some fine lines, but they don’t bother me too much right now.

  • I really enjoyed this post! Thanks, love! If I get wrinkles, I think botox is definitely an option if I’m not happy. Who knows. Maybe I’ll embrace them or maybe they’ll bother me.

  • Personally, I don’t think skincare alone gets rid of wrinkles. Botox/ fillers are preventive measures and I am all for anything that makes you happy. (I usually get injectables twice a year and I am 40). They look great on you, subtle I would say.

  • I found this post really interesting, because I’ve always thought, I’ll never do Botox! But at the same time I know I don’t want it, I know nothing about it. I really appreciate your before, during and after pics, and your explanation of the process. I have a much better understanding now! I still don’t want it (I am phobic of needles…pain or no pain…I just am phobic lol) but at least I’m educated now! And I would never judge someone else who did it. It’s so subtle, you look fabulous!

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’ve wanted to try Botox for awhile. Maybe this year will be the year I go for it. Do you notice when it’s wearing off? I mean are you super smooth for 3 months and then you can watch the fine lines start to reappear after that? You know, if you’re like me and inspect your pores and wrinkles every day in a 10x magnifying mirror…

  • Having Botox done has crossed my mind before, but I’ve never done it and I don’t think I will. I do know several people that do it though and, like you, are happy with the results. I think you look fabulous either way though 😉

  • I’ve never done botox before but I would probably consider it in the future. I hate when people criticize people over treatments like this or of any kind for that matter. DO WHAT YOU WANT! 🙂

  • If you are comfortable with it, then do it. I have thought about it. But I doubt I will ever actually do it.

  • I have definitely considered doing this myself. I had no idea you could get numbed before hand!

  • You look great. 🙂 I worked for a plastic surgeon for years and have always been intrigued and wondered if I wanted botox. I never took the plunge and probably never will… but I do love that it is a fairly easy procedure with very visible results. Did I mention you look great – even without botox – beautiful!

  • You look fantastic! I’ve been lucky enough to develop a solid sunscreen routine since my late teens, so I somehow managed to avoid getting noticeable lines so far. I will be turning 30 this year, and I look forward to at least another decade of not needing any treatments.

  • I’ve never done it.. idk if I could because I’m terrified of needles and I’ve seen what long-term use of it has done to certain family members who shall remain nameless… BUT I do notttttt like those 11’s between the eyes. And I’m TERRIFIED even more of lip lines. IDK why, I just can’t stand those. So I’d never rule it out in the future. So far I’m being as preventative as possible by using skin care like a fiend.

  • I’ve never done botox but then again I’m only 21 but I can see myself doing so when I age

  • I tell you what, when you visit Hawaii (Oahu) and wants to retouch botox, inbox me. The pricing of botox here (administered by a doctor) is similar to what you mentioned. I don’t understand why people would comment negatively. As with any beauty treatments or lifestyle, it’s a PERSONAL choice and/or decision.

  • I’ve had wrinkles in my forehead since early on in highschool from not being able to see properly, haha. I just go with it. I may look into Botox farther down the road, but for now it doesn’t bother me too much 🙂

  • I’m all for people doing what makes them feel good. If at any time I want to get them done I will do so proudly. Love that your shared and posted pics! XO

  • I had no idea it was that expensive and only lasted 3 months. But, I guess most of us drop plenty of cash on treatments and serums that don’t work. It’s not something I feel I need right now, though – fat fills in my wrinkles! lol

  • I’ve never done it, and with my serious needle issues, I doubt I ever would. I don’t really have an opinion of it one way or the other outside of “ew, needles!” lol

  • Love this post and agree 110%. I have been getting botox since my early 20’s and It has made a huge change in preventing wrinkles. Just like a man that is bald you don’t tell him to use rogain it’s too late, but if you use it when you are starting to show signs then it helps. 🙂

  • Botox is not completely written off in my book, I seem to age very slowly, but I still take preventative measures to keep my skin looking its best… if down the line I start seeing unwanted lines, I’ll probably do a little something to fix them. No harm. Great post girl!

  • I remember reading a similar study which said that facial expressions can affect our mental conditions. I hope that this helps in raising the stigma about plastic surgery, specifically botox injections. I had to break through a wall of criticism to attend my very first session of botox injections in Pit Meadows where I live, at a nearby Beautimed clinic. Everyone around me went quiet only when they started noticing the changes on my face.

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