Winter Fashion: Sequins

Sequins! Sequins! Everywhere! We’ve talked about them before but it never grows old to me. Adding a sequined piece to your wardrobe can take you from drab to glam this wintery season. The best part: they are everywhere, so you are bound to find a shimmery piece right for your hopes dreams and desires. Here are a few of my favorites that you could add to update any Plain-Jane outfit.
1. Sequined Pencil Skirt: I know pencil skirts can be scary enough in a plain dark color, but add sequins, a plain black top, shoes and tights and your basic black look goes high roller and festive in one move. Try one in a muted gold tone down on the glam-queen status.
2. Sequin Top: A sequined top is the best for letting a little flare out when you want to because it can hide under a solid colored cardigan or blazer and just peep out some shimmer every once in a while. I love the looser tops that allow movement because I have found that sequined pieces tend to be a little heavier and boxier when they are cut too tightly.
3. Cardigan with Sequined Pockets: This is the option for the faint of heart sequin queen . Choose a cardigan in a neutral color with matching sequins patched onto the pockets at your hips. You’ll feel glammed up and ease yourself into the trend.
4. Shoes: What else spunks up an outfit like a glamorous pair of heels? Metallic shoes are a fantastic investment because they go with almost every color, they can even be mixed and matched with other colors. I love a dulled champagne color on a sequined heel. Magic will happen in those shoes!
5. Sequined Accessories: Weather it be an amazing hair accessory, a great clutch or a belt on a plain dress, sequined accessories are another great option for the trend-following faint of heart. Also, they may be the cheapest way to update your wardrobe with one of Winter’s most lasting trends.
How to Avoid Looking BeDazzled
  1. Only wear one sequined piece at a time.
  2. Mix in solid colored pieces with a sequined
  3. Wear plain jewelry in a complimentary color: gold sequins with dark purple jewelry or black with gold jewelry.
  4. Don’t match your shoes to your sequins.
Rebecca Alexander Pickrel – Fashion Contributor and Editor
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